Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We shaved off our beards last night, leaving only remnants, which some choose to call moustaches.
I showed up with an early start. I trimmed a bit of my beard in an attempt to distract and/or intimidate my opponents at poker last night. It only slightly worked.

In no specific order, here are our moustaches.

Friday, February 5, 2010


There has been talk of mustaches replacing beards come March 21. This is exciting. I love mustaches. Here is proof from the fabled mustache era of my youth.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Question

Hello fellow beard lovers. I just wanted to say to Dave that he is not the only one who has only been moderately trimming. I haven't trimmed since day one. I have been combing to the side the mustache and patting down the beard. Only occasionally shaving the little corners of my neck just for definition which is allowed according to the original agreement. So just wondering who is still left out there besides myself that has honoured their Beard by letting it flourish. The flip side to all this wonderful hair is all the ......Mainly negative female banter. I have been finding out that most women dislike Beards. I get it fellows we want to keep the female race happy with our appearance, but do we completely cave and do the super trim or drop out of the running all together. No I think it has been a failing on our part. I will be the first to admit that I haven't been around the boys much and so there is lack of continual appreciation for my fellow bearded brothers. Have we just fallen short with our embrace, we can only stand in numbers Men. If we have reached the point where we are failing then maybe we should embrace our fate and do the unspeakable and remove our winter blankets.
I have been feeling that I can't wait to shave and just look nice again. I get it I have a face now that only another man could appreciate. I was in a music store today and the man working at the counter had a healthy mustache and soul patch combo. I greeted him with love and told him how wonderful it was he seemed genuinely touched that a stranger cared enough to affirm him in his choice. We had a laugh and gave the look of acceptance to each other and the understanding that "it's a guy thing."

I think we all have a choice. So the question is do I stick it out for another 3 months or do I settle for it was a great battle, but in the long run I forfeit the War.

Bearded Brothers

I will admit that I once used my brother's ID to enter a 'drinking establishment' in my first year of university to celebrate the end of the first term. I think I had one or two beers, and they were most likely of poor domestic quality. The guy at the door must have had several more, because clearly, my brother and I are not identical twins.
My beard is much larger, fuller, and much less red.
Ian surprised us all when he showed up this weekend for the annual Extended Breukelaar Family Christmas Party with hair on his face. There are a million "hair on his face, no hair on top of his head" jokes that could have been made, but he's got some crazy martial art skills and he would have kicked my ass. So, I'll refer to them here from the comfort of the internet.

So, as far as the Peterborough Beard Collective goes, we shall welcome for one brief moment, my brother Ian as an honorary member. He is likely clean shaven now, though, so he is officially kicked out of the collective.

Which brings me to my next point. I appear to be the only one in the collective who has not substantially groomed my beard. I thought that others would last longer than I, but it appears as though all those surveys done some time ago pointing to my beard growing prowess were accurate.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beard Full only 3 easy payments of 29.95

have you ever needed a hand full of tooth picks?

or some candy...YUM

maybe you need to write something down?

perhaps you need a fork?
or maybe you have an artsy moment?

maybe you need a light to read by?

or maybe you just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone special?
No matter what the occasion a beard full makes it a memorable special time not to be forgotten.
Next time you feel down and just want to be loved just get a beard full, it's like a hug for your face. or maybe share it with your wife for an experience you'll both enjoy.
Available at most hardware stores, hunt camps, sport bars, or any other Manley place.

Monday, November 16, 2009

People all over the world are loving the beard thing...and rightfully so, might I add. The following is a link to, what could possibly be, the best beard fabrication I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. May you enjoy it in all it's caging glory.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

1) As you can see, Ben Tyne somehow snuck into our secret club. Good job.
2) Josh has started fresh with the beard growing, as he had to shave for work. Something about nuclear reactors.
3) I (Dave Breukelaar) am seriously considering trimming the edges of my beard. I've already trimmed the mustache area, in order to keep a certain beautiful woman happy.
4) Michael is one of the most awkward people to photograph. I am curious what his yearbook photo's looked like.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Considering the Trim

I've felt like a trim might be in order, especially on the moustache as it is starting to hang over the lip. I smiled in the mirror yesterday and saw moustache hair overlapping my teeth. The stark contrast of dark moustache hair over white teeth threw me off for a bit as I said to myself, 'That's disgusting.' But I collected by negative thoughts together and thew them out, only to embrace the next plausible option, combing the hair to the sides and forgetting about the trim. How would you ever get those incredible curls at the sides of your mouth if you trimmed. And thus...

...introducing the moustache comb. Used by moustache afficianado's world-wide. Lovely.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey guy's this is my best Carlo impression hope you like.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Food for Thought

Slightly applicable - contributed by Jeremy Vreugdenhil

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mango Juice

Breakfast of beard champions.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Well, it's been a month now since we all started growing our beards. I'm not about to boast or anything, but it looks like this a bit of a foreshadow of the podium. That's right. I said it. Both Carlo and Jordan seem to be gazing upon my gold medal of a beard with envy, and awe. (Actually, Jordan seems to be looking at my beard with slight approval, but more of a "I can and will do better than that" look. Carlo seems to be staring out the window at something (or someone). All kidding aside, the Peterborough Beard Collective is more of a brotherhood, a family affair. What better way to represent that then with actual family members and brothers being involved:

Michael VanDerHerberg and his cousins Josh and Jeremy Vreugdenhill (they're brothers).

I'd say that we're all looking quite good so far. None of us have been fired from our jobs yet for the growth on our faces. Our wives/girlfriends have mixed opinions. One month down, five to go. Who will go the distance? Will you even recognize him?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Who's In

Let's recap for a moment to verify membership:

The originals that have retained membership:

Carlo Raponi - Was accused of being an Italian Chewbacca until he trimmed his neck.
Christian Harvey - Has not trimmed a hair since day 1. Looking good.
David Breukelaar - Voted first place for Bushman and Best Beard. Trimming of the neck is evident but overlooked because of the Best Beard position achieved.
Jordan Vander Klok - Voted second place in all categories. Trimming of the neck is allowed as it would have continued otherwise for the full body sweater.
Michael VanDerHerberg - Voted first place for Endurance. A non-trimming purist.
Steve North - Stylishly maintaining an impeccable beard, even on his birthday.

The originals that have revoked membership:

Michael Vyn - No longer with us.
Peter Faught - Among the forgotten.

The added, but just as good as originals:

Josh Vreugdenhil - Cousin to the founder and accused of some moustache trimming, but a great beard nonetheless.
Jeremy Anderson - Came out of his mother's womb with a full beard and has not shaved since.
Steve Ross - Founder's counterpart at the New Canadians Centre. We're still waiting for some update photos although Michael can attest to him 'looking great'.

If there are others, expose thyself! Let your inner and outer beard be known.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Here are some pics of the Beard on my birthday. Hope you like.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jer Anderson - Our Newest Member

Jeremy Anderson, unbeknownst to many of us, has been growing his beard since the inception of the Peterborough Beard Collective and is welcomed with open arms by brothers across Peterborough.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beard and I

Unlike some of my other fellow beard growers, this is my first time donning this facial testament to manliness. I've never been a supporter of the winter beard. Mainly because you look like a bum. Sure, I've sported the I'm-a-soap-opera-character-who-was-thought-dead-but-was stranded-on-a tropical-island-for-a-month-this-whole-time-with-nothing-more-than-a-ripped-shirt-and-even-more-ripped-abdominal-muscles-but-despite-my-extensive-stay-i-managed-to-only-grow-scruff beard...but who hasn't!? This is an all new kind of facial hair expression; and it's influences upon me have been significant. Allow me to give an example... I was building a shed in my backyard out of lumber and steel and I needed to lift the monstrosity upright. Now my rational mind told me to ask my housemate for assistance, but my beard disagreed! With the harsh huskiness of a lumberjack and the brash fortitude of a Norwegian sailor it commanded me to accomplish the task on my own! I obeyed and did what I was told. Beard was right, and I feel that together there is nothing we can't accomplish! The accompanying photos are of Beard and I. One is the angry lumberjack look, the other is the playful, caring lumberjack look. Both are great, because Beard is there.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Survey Results

The survey results are out... with the 'Bushman', Dave Breukelaar comes in first place, followed closely behind by Jordan Vander Klok, and Carlo Raponi. For the endurance, Michael VanDerHerberg holds the claim to fame with an astonishing 10 votes, only barely beating Jordan Vander Klok.And rating the best beard out there, the crowds have chosen the luxuriously facially blessed David Breukelaar, again followed closely behind by Jordan Vander Klok. Let's focus on the results. Dave has a nice beard and it grows quick. We now know that Carlo, Jordan and Mike have also been enriched genetically with the facial rapidity encouragement. And Michael has only won the endurance portion because he's a stubborn son-of-a-gun and wouldn't let anybody get in before a Dutch. What is most interesting is that on all accounts, Jordan Vander Klok is our number 2 man. Now that's not bad Jordan, I'd phone home about that if I were you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Survey... two days left

Who will have the best beard? Submit your thoughts here.

10 days of beard growth

I have been trying to take a picture of myself everyday since the start of the winter beard grow off. I have done the winter beard before, and it is wonderful. I must agree with Jordan this is the first time that I have really wanted to trim up or shave, it's probably because I know that I am suppose to grow a beard and I like to go against the grain. (ha ha shaving pun) I will tell you a wonderful beard story. Once upon a time....time....time There was a young man by the name oh, I dunno.... lets call him Steve. Steve went was on his way to the east coast of Canada a few years back. During this time he had quite the beard about 3 months growth. It was wonderful and bushy. Why when he slept it was like a pillow, a pillow that would be flat on one side in the morning. He decided to travel through the United States for the first part of his trip he traveled through new york state, then Vermont, new Hampshire then Maine and finally into the mealtimes. Before the trip his friends and family were bothered by the facial sweater Steve had accumulated. they said all kinds of blasphemies towards the beard useless, no good, ugly, pointless, but Steve loved his beard anyway and thought "there must be a crucial point of having a beard?" So the young man started out on his journey traveling through the border past customs, where his mother said he would have a hard time getting through because he looked like a terrorist. but with no delay he kept moving on. Over a few days he was longing to find the one reason that all men should have a beard at on e time or another. He came to the small town of Lake Placid NY. He pulled into town, found parking near the heart of the wonderful city. Steve went out with his camera and trusty debit card laughing and frolicking through town. People were amazed by his beard they pointed and glanced at the marvelous sight, but then there faces turned sour they turned away with the question why must that man have such a sight, it has no use. Steve was saddened at heart and continued to walk through town. The sun was setting in the mountains casting wonderful images on the lake, the trees were all ablaze with colours for it was Autumn. The scene was set, the time had come to put the beard to the test. The young man went into a small pub on the bay. He found that it was quiet but perfect. He ordered a house ale and some supper. while he was sitting on the waterfront he sat back in his chair and took a large sip of his brew, to large of a sip he could feel it pouring out the sides of his full mouth, everything was in slow motion. He was waiting for the dreaded feeling of having a wet lap from the overflow.................but silence filled the room...no sounds of dripping, no feeling of uncomfortableness. He was bewildered where had all the beer gone? he scratched his head....and then he leaned over the table over his empty plate took both hands closed them tightly against his face and rang out his beard like a towel. He found what he was looking for the answer to all women's questions why must men grow beards. So there you have it Gentlemen the next time your skirt asks why Why WHY well now you have the answer. so you don't have to do more laundry than you need to hunnie. Steve still roams from here to there helping men with their issues, saving poor shaven faces all over the map. He continued to to travel east to the Heights of the coast of Cape Breton where he battled with the fierce Dragon called 7....but that my friends is an other story.

this story was loosely based on real events. no beards we harmed in this story, a rabbit was hit by a car though.