Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week One Update (well, not quite a week yet)

A few of us are sporting some decent stubble, making good progress. Does coffee put hair on our faces?

We're also proud to announce the newest member of the collective, Mr. Josh Vreugdenhil, seated to the right of Jordan in the picture below. Welcome aboard. The survey can not be amended to include Josh as we have just found out. We're at 27 responses to the survey so far with more to come before October 8th. If you'd like to visit the survey, click here.

Michael has cut the hair off the top of his head to somehow make the hair on his chin stand out more. A good strategy.

(ed note: Carlo pointed out that while he was looking admiringly at his coffee, Christian was looking admiringly somewhere else. I think there was a comment made about beard envy.)

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