Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beard and I

Unlike some of my other fellow beard growers, this is my first time donning this facial testament to manliness. I've never been a supporter of the winter beard. Mainly because you look like a bum. Sure, I've sported the I'm-a-soap-opera-character-who-was-thought-dead-but-was stranded-on-a tropical-island-for-a-month-this-whole-time-with-nothing-more-than-a-ripped-shirt-and-even-more-ripped-abdominal-muscles-but-despite-my-extensive-stay-i-managed-to-only-grow-scruff beard...but who hasn't!? This is an all new kind of facial hair expression; and it's influences upon me have been significant. Allow me to give an example... I was building a shed in my backyard out of lumber and steel and I needed to lift the monstrosity upright. Now my rational mind told me to ask my housemate for assistance, but my beard disagreed! With the harsh huskiness of a lumberjack and the brash fortitude of a Norwegian sailor it commanded me to accomplish the task on my own! I obeyed and did what I was told. Beard was right, and I feel that together there is nothing we can't accomplish! The accompanying photos are of Beard and I. One is the angry lumberjack look, the other is the playful, caring lumberjack look. Both are great, because Beard is there.

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