Thursday, October 8, 2009

Survey Results

The survey results are out... with the 'Bushman', Dave Breukelaar comes in first place, followed closely behind by Jordan Vander Klok, and Carlo Raponi. For the endurance, Michael VanDerHerberg holds the claim to fame with an astonishing 10 votes, only barely beating Jordan Vander Klok.And rating the best beard out there, the crowds have chosen the luxuriously facially blessed David Breukelaar, again followed closely behind by Jordan Vander Klok. Let's focus on the results. Dave has a nice beard and it grows quick. We now know that Carlo, Jordan and Mike have also been enriched genetically with the facial rapidity encouragement. And Michael has only won the endurance portion because he's a stubborn son-of-a-gun and wouldn't let anybody get in before a Dutch. What is most interesting is that on all accounts, Jordan Vander Klok is our number 2 man. Now that's not bad Jordan, I'd phone home about that if I were you.

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